Honesty is all you got

My heart is knotted,

my mind is friendly

but my soul has been just pushed

at the bottom of the chest.


Stop crying, little girl.

Stand up and talk, woman.

Face it.

Say what you feel

with no fear in your leaps.


Say that you love him,

even he makes you feel turbulence…

Even though things get blurry when he’s around.


Tell the truth, that you know the way he loves

doesn’t seem like the best of loves.

But still, you love him.

Not quite sure what it is, you want it.

And your hope is a stubborn bitch decided to believe in a possibility

and refuses to give up her longing.


Be fearless to what you think about yourself

‘cause it’s all right to feel, you’re alive.

It’s all right to feel…

Just don’t forget what you dream.

Don’t forget why you came to this world in the first place.

You came to live… the dreams lodged in your soul.







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